Saturday, April 4, 2015

A to Z Book of Me Challenge A is for Analysis

Analysis... what does it mean ?  Especially when it comes to Family History...
I looked it up, and this is what it says :
Detailed examination of the elements or structure of something typically as a basis for discussion or interpretation....

Okay.. so we (  I  ) should be analysing the things I find out for my Family History.
I'm a thinker by nature anyway, in fact I tend to overthink things  :)
 I do think that we should analyse the information that we get... we want to get the most accurate
information written down as possible.... since I'm the one in my family that is trying to get the family 
history together, I should try to get the RIGHT information down.

While researching my Newman side, I thought that I had all the children's names, I was confident that I did.
Just recently, I noticed on another family tree that were 2 other names... but not only that, the last names for the whole family were different ( but with the Newman name underneath )
My first thought was that we were'nt actually Newmans, that it was changed to that later.
I was wrong... PHEW !!
I also found the 2 extra children on a census, and was able to put their names on my tree.

I feel such a sense of .... I was going to say accomplishment, but that wouldn't be the word I 
should use....  I feel good, happy, relieved that I found the children....
You see.... this is my family.
Its important to me that I get everyone...
Hakuna Matata
Means.. FAMILY.... means no-one gets left behind

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