Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A to Z Book of Me Challenge N is for Notes and Nemesis

Notes :  I do write notes.. in fact I usually write lists, and then write a list for my list.

When it comes to Genealogy, and I find something say on Ancestry,
I will grab whatever is handy, be it a scrap piece of paper, or an envelope from
a bill and write on it.  I have so many of these, and some were written years ago,
I have them with my other family history things.
There is no rhyme or reason to it all, and some I have the same information
written down a couple of times.
Some of it, I don't understand anymore, which isn't good, because when my children
go through all of this, when I am no longer here, I am sure it will just get thrown
out.... even though I have thought about this before, I still haven't done anything
about it...
I'm thinking that this will be a good summer project to get started on :)

Nemesis :I kind of knew what this meant, but not really when it came to
Family History.. so here is my take on it...not sure if it is what it really
means or not.
My Nemesis is time.... I am trying to find time every day to write..
I'm trying to find time to organise my family history..
I would like to have my Family History written down for my children or grandchildren
to maybe read one day.
I am also trying to find time for ME... does that sound selfish ?
I find that in the rut of every day life.. I have no time for myself , to do
things like just going for a walk.
One of the reasons I am giving up working, is because I am feeling more
and more that I need that time... so in the Summer I am hoping to do some
" me " things... selfish or not.
Does that make sense that my Nemesis is time ?
I hope so...

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