Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A to Z Book of Me Challenge R is for Reasoning and Right or Left

Reasoning....   When we look at our ancestors, what are some of the
reasons they did things.
My Great grandparents David McGowan and Elizabeth O'Neill were from
Ireland.  They were married in a place called Ahoghill in Northern Ireland..
I think they had their first couple of kids there... they then moved to
Greenock in Scotland... why ?
I would imagine that times were hard for them... maybe there was no work
in Ireland, and there was in Greenock.
I myself moved from Scotland to England, and then to Canada.. and yes there were
reasons... I also believe that that was my life path... I was where I was supposed
to be... I was on the road I was supposed to take.
It would be nice if we knew the reasoning behind the things that have
happened in our families lives... maybe we do know some... it makes
their life journey seem more interesting to us.

Right or Left :

I myself am right handed... I can't do anything with my left hand.
Out of my four children, three are right handed and one is a lefty...
My dad I'm sure was also right handed, but I don't know about anyone else...

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