Monday, April 6, 2015

A to Z Book of Me Challenge E is for Collaboration and Collateral

Well I think Collaboration means to Cooperate , so when it comes to Family History
I feel  it means to be forth coming with the information I have, in other words... to share it.
I am so thankful for the people in my life who have shared things with me.
My brother Billy sent me a picture of the house my grandparents ( Thomas and Norah McCulloch ) lived... made it feel real to me.. seeing their  home made me feel closer to them.
Their's is the side with the red door.

The more I delved into Family History, and the more people I contacted, it was nice to be able
to share with each other.
My cousin Agnes sent me many photograph's  ( Thank you Agnes ), and someone on ancestry contacted me,... my Great Grandfather ( David McGowan) is also her Great Grandfather.  Her Grandmother and my Grandmother were sisters... she sent me pictures from that line.

My cousin Ally sent me a photo of my Uncle Tom McCulloch... I was so excited.,
because I finally had a face to a name.

Sharing is important, I have also done the same, with information, photo's. etc.

Collaterol..... I talked about the family member, where we have the same Grandfather.
We are descended from the same stock, but just different lines.
Its good to work on our collaterol lines... to gather as much information
as we can on each of our ancestors.
When we can't go back... branch out  :)

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