Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Book of Me.... Written by You... Prompt 18

First Present or Gift
Can you remember it?
Who bought it for you?
Do you still have it?
Pictures or a description
Other special gifts?

Try as I might.... I can't really remember Christmas at home..
I do remember that my Mum ( step mum )would make homemade soup, and I think a mince round or steak pie, with mashed potatoes etc,, for our dinner.

The gift I do remember was a timex watch.... I don't remember how old I was, but I think I was around 12 years old.
I remember how special I felt to get a gift that was ( in my eyes ) so expensive.
It made me feel grown up, and I couldn't believe that it was for me.

I don't have it anymore, although I wish I did... it would be a reminder of simpler times... happy times.

I also remember getting selection boxes... those were the best thing for my sweet tooth.

I would get around 3... one from my parents,.. one ( I think ) from my Aunt Helen and Uncle Jimmy, and I cant remember who the third one was from...
I wonder if they still give each selection boxes at Christmas in Scotland ?

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Book of Me... Written by You... Prompt 17

This week’s (week 17) prompt is – Toys & Games

Can you remember your first toy, or game?
Do you still have it?
Who did you play with?...
Did you play board games?
Have you inherited any of your family games & toys?

I already wrote about this, but will copy and erase the old one...

When I was young, we had lots of games we played...
Double Dutch ropes, Rounders.. most of our games were outside playing..

We also played elastics.... they were all tied together.
They would go around our ankles, and boy did they sting when they snapped on you..

...we also has mottars or scraps as we called them.
You would find an old book and the mottars or scraps were kept in between the pages... I loved the glittery ones or the angels. They came in all different sizes, and you would trade or buy to get the whole set.
 Ring, bang, scoosh was another favourite. All it was, you would ring the doorbell and run like the dickens after..  :)
 The boys also played something we called bools, (marbles )
I remember having a baby doll, or a Sindy doll, which was just like a Barbie..

I also had a till ( cash register )
Had hours of fun with it...
I had paper dolls too... we would cut them out and cut the clothes out also to put on the dolls, had hours of fun using our imagination..
Board games I remember..are... well, I remember playing Mouse Trap with a friend...she had got the game for Christmas.
I played jacks
and Tiddlywinks
Ahhhh... the memories.... these really were the good ol' days

The Book of Me.... Written by You... Prompt 16

This week’s prompt is for week 16 – Message in a Bottle
• If you were to physically write or virtually write a message to place into a bottle what would you write?
• Do you live by the sea and are able to potentially throw into the Ocean? Or perhaps a river
• Do you feel strongly that you would not "litter" in this way - in which case you may complete the task virtually
• What would you like to happen with the message?...
○ Do you hope it is picked up somewhere, miles from home?
○ Are you going to create a secret email account in case it is picked up and someone
• Or would you like to write an anonymous note to someone that you know
• Or write a message to deceased loved one?

I used to live beside the River Clyde when I was a child.... now I live closer to Mountains than water.
I have to say that I LOVE the idea of writing a letter and putting it in a bottle.
I would want to travel to Vancouver ( just an hour by plane ), and while there, maybe travel on the boat to Victoria, to drop this bottle in the water, and hope that it travels to Britain..  Do you think that it is wishful thinking on my part ?
 In this letter, I would have my thoughts and feelings, but would also want to explain something to someone ( I wont say who on here ) ...
I don't know an address, but I do know a general area of where they live.... maybe the person finding this bottle would Google the name, or use Facebook to try and find them.
I know I am being vague, and that is on purpose :)
Would I write this note anonymously.... I just might..
Would I make a different email account... maybe

You know.... I think I just might do this... I don't know when... but I will

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Book of Me... Written by You... Prompt 15

This week’s prompt is – Snow!

Do you live in area where you routinely have snow?
How old were you when you first saw snow?
Do you remember it?...
Did you make snowmen?
Throw Snowballs
Sledge Rides
What is the image that first came to mind when you read snow?
What does snow
feel like,
smell like
how do you see snow
I was born and grew up in Scotland.... and yes, we get snow there.
...  I remember walking to school, and of course we wear school uniforms there, so it was COLD !! It would be icy and slippy... a terrible walk there and back.
Its also a damp cold in Scotland, the get right to your bones kind of cold... is it crazy that I miss it ??
I don't really remember making snowmen, but throwing snowballs would be a favourite pastime , especially for the boys.  
We were always told at school to stop throwing snowballs, incase someone gets hurt, and someone did.
A boy in my class got hit in the eye with a snowball, and there was a rock in it.... he lost his eye because of that.  I can still remember his name too... funny..I don't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday
I also remember going sledging... such fun, especially with friends.
Port Glasgow is hilly... you are either walking up the hill to go somewhere, or down, so no problem finding somewhere to slide :)
Here is Port Glasgow in Winter time...although, I don't know what year this was.. but I LOVE this picture.... feeling nostalgic, especially for simpler times.
This is in 2010
I live in Canada now... so still lots of snow here.  I love snow...I don't like extreme cold, but snow is lovely.  
and, we have had LOTS already this year... its a dry cold we get here in Western Canada..
The first thing that comes to mind when I read the word snow... is sitting inside with no lights on ,except Christmas tree lights, with a hot chocolate in hand and a lovely warm blanket, watching the huge snowflakes fall outside... I do love snow ~

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Book of Me... written by you... Prompt 14

This week's prompt is Special People
What 12 ancestors would you invite to a dinner party.
This week you CAN include family
What meals would you serve and why?
Can include the recipes or photo's of what you would cook

Now this one is easy... the problem is, I have too many people that I want to invite...YIKES

First off, since Christmas is my favourite time of the year, this would be what I really love, a real family get together for the holidays.   I have always wanted lots of family around, and haven't really had it... just thinking about this makes me feel excited.

I would have my Dad .. I would love to see him again... I would hug him and tell him ( again ) how much I love him. It would be so great to talk to him about every wee thing..  I would tell him how sorry I was that I wasn't able to be there to say goodbye
My Dad's mother died , when my dad was like a week old, so he never knew her...I would love to meet her, so she would be here Grandmother.
I would ask her to tell me her memories growing up... how did she meet my grandfather? Did she love Christmas like me ?   I have something else that I would say, but only when everyone is here..
There would be my grandparents on the other side... My Grandmother who's name is also Norah, and my Grandfather Tom.  I never really knew them much, but my Grandmother I heard was the life of a party, what fun she would be...and my grandfather with his smiley eyes.. I would tell them to make themselves at home. I heard they liked my dad, so I can imagine them all talking together, getting to know each other better again.. 
My Aunt Helen would then arrive, anxious to see her Mother, and also her brother ( my dad )... and then my Gr Grandfather Patrick O'Brien would come.  I would ask him about his time in service, and how it was for his family , for him to be gone.
Just then the doorbell would ring, and in would walk my grandfather's Gran Cathy Newman, and behind Uncle Gordon.
The atmosphere would be merry, and noisy with everyone talking and enjoying each other.
Next my brother Andrew would arrive... I would thank him for calling me when he did, just to tell me he loves me..
I know my heart would be full.... family is important, isn't it?
We would decorate the tree, and talk and talk....
The doorbell would ring once again, and in would walk my Uncle George ( my dad's brother ), My Mum, and my Grandfather David Newman.
I would feel happy with so much family around me...
I would have a table that was big enough to seat us all... of course, I would do a traditional Christmas dinner...

and lots of desserts
And while we were enjoying being together and talking...I would ask them if they were proud of me... have I turned out they way they would expect..... I would then bring out my husband, and my 4 children and Elisha my daughter in law... my 8 grandchildren and Chad , my granddaughter's husband to be, and also my 2 Great Grandchildren... MY would be their first time to meet them ( or most of them )
Family is important...  what a celebration this would be

The Book of Me....Written by You... Prompt 13

This week’s prompt (prompt 13) is Special People / Iconic Figures

If you had to hold a dinner party and could invite a maximum of 12 special people who would you invite?

You can NOT include family in this – the special people could be famous or historical people....

What meals would you serve and why.

Perhaps include the recipe or a photo if you decided to actually cook the items!


I never get behind in my writing with this, but I don't know..... this one has me a little stumped... anyway this is what I came up with.

1.. Jay Osmond... when I was young I loved the Osmonds, Jay was my favourite... to have him come for dinner to my house..well that would just be exciting !! :)  He could sing for us..we could all join in..:)

2. Catherine Cookson.... she has been my favourite author.. Her stories were all set in England... it always made me feel like I was home again, when reading .. she would make some great conversations at the dinner table, I'm sure

3. Kenny G...  When I want to relax or de stress...I just pop in some Kenny G... I just think having him as part of our guests, would make for a relaxing time:)
4. Robin Williams.... Isn't he great !! Such a good actor, and FUNNY.... He would add some great humour to the table, but I also think he could add some great conversation
5. I'd have to say that Neil Armstrong would be a great addition to a dinner party.... I would love to hear his experiences of being on the moon, what it was like to see the earth from way up there
6.  Another author would have to be Agatha Christie... oh the questions I would ask. How she came up with the plots she did? .... and the good. She would be a great asset to any dinner table
7. And how about Sandra Bullock... she has to be one of  my favourite actress's
8. Meg Ryan is another favourite
9. Yiruma... I LOVE his music... he could play for us.. maybe him and Kenny G could do a number together :)
10. Mother Teresa... to keep us all humble, and to keep us focused on what life is truly about
11.  George Takai...for his wit and wisdom
12. JK Rowling.... her story of her life before being a writer is wonderful... she could encourage us to live our dreams too.
What would I serve...hmmm...maybe Prime Rib with mashed potatoes , yams, carrots and green beans...also a salad on the side.
For dessert..... maybe a trifle