Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Today I recieved a birthday card... my birthday is in 2 weeks, but
my friend sent it early... it was lovely..I felt special...and then......
I read the words on the front,

and I realised... I'M TURNING 60 !!!!!
I don't feel like a 60 year old...
How is a 60 year old supposed to feel ?? 
I've already lived 3 years past what my Father did...
I mean, I knew I'm turning 60...but
I'M TURNING 60 !!!

My first feeling was ANXIOUS... I mean... 60 is old...right?
I didn't feel like this when I turned 40 or even 50...
Then I got thinking....
I have almost lived 60 years... almost all of them great years..
sure there have been bumps along the way...
the bumps are what make me appreciate the great days even more.  :)
I've still got a lot to learn... like how to love myself and not be so
critical of ME...
BUT.....  I am still learning, and still growing...

So in honour of being " almost " are 60 things about me :

1...  I was born in the " best " decade...the 50's... I LOVE that I was

2.. I love Christmas... but have noticed more the last few years that
I love more of the simple things about it now.  I miss when my kids 
were wee, and it felt more exciting....

3.. I did childcare for over 35 years.. although there are days
when I miss it...I'm also learning to enjoy this stage of my life now.

4.. I'm shy....the dying inside kind of shy, although there are some
who don't believe it, I'm sure there are others who do

5.. I'm a family history / genealogy nerd.  I love it.
For my birthday I have asked for a DNA kit so I can hook
it up to my tree on ancestry, and hopefully find more family..
told you....nerd !!

6... Fall and Winter are my favourite seasons...I'm not weird
I just like cool better that extremely hot :0

7.. I love my blue eyes... I also loved my dark hair, although
its a lot more grey now

8..January is my least favourite just feels so
gloomy after Christmas.

9.. I came here to Canada as a Nanny..I was only
20 years old.... YIKES

10.. I went to England as Nanny.. I was only 
18 years old when I did that. DOUBLE YIKES !!

11..I've been a Homestay Mum for 14 years this coming March

12.. I have 4 kids ( but was pregnant 8 times ) 8 Grandchildren
and 2 Great Grands

13.. I'm impatient

14.. I'm quick to get angry, but also quick to calm down

15.. I'm stubborn

16.. I'm a plain cook

17.. Even though a plain cook, I like to have people over for dinner

18.. I think too much

19.. I get hurt easily

20..I love to laugh... I may even think some things are funny that you dont !!  hehe

21..I'm an introvert

22..I love reality shows

23.. I cry easily ( even at National Anthems )

24.. I love animals ( though we don't own any anymore )
25..I hate confrontation

26..Because of #25 I won't get into discussions about politics or religion
don't like to rock the boat per se... BUT.... that doesn't mean I don't feel deeply
about those subjects...

26..I love music...all kinds...well not rap, or heavy metal :)

27..I love that I can talk to my Granddaughter Ashley about almost anything.....
since she has got older, that's been the nice thing..

28..I love long walks

29.. I didn't care much for Disneyland ( sorry to those who love it )
I DID love seeing grandkids enjoy it though

30..I LOVED the Grand Canyon so much... it took my breath away

31..One of my favourite people is my Visiting Teacher... Thank you Linda
She comes EVERY month, and I always feel so at ease with her.

32.. I don't open up very easily

33.. Yet in some ways I'm an open book... it doesn't make sense to me either

34..Banff is one of most favourite places in the world, and its right
on my doorstep

35..Sometimes the way the world is going scares me...

36..I LOVE to read

37..I love seeing the big kids come to my door at Halloween
( I love the littles as well, but glad to see older ones still enjoy it )

38..I feel lonely... too much... need more friends I guess

39.. I love seeing / hearing / doing Acts of Kindness

40..I love my home... it always feels so comfortable here...
had other people tell me the same thing..makes me happy
that they feel like that here.

41..I love nature..mountains..water

42.. I hate creepy crawlies, especially spiders

43.. I don't have a garden because of #42

44..I like surprises ( if they are good )  :)

45..I love rain...especially big plops of rain that kiss my cheek when it falls

46..Love going to James Bond movies with my sweetie

47..Romantic comedies, action packed and christmas movies
are my favourite

48.. I am tooooo sensitive

49..I used to be a machinist, making army jackets and goonies

50..Pasta and seafood are my favourite foods

51..My FAMILY... what can I say ..I love them..I adore them

52..Junk food is my vice

53.. I dont like all the healthy stuff people quinoa..yuck

54..The people I would most like to meet if I could are
My dad, my McCulloch grandparents, and my dad's
mum...I have questions.   See #5... told you !!  hehe

55.. I have a bad habit of biting my nails

56.. I feel unlovable ( cept with Ken ) I think I annoy 
people, though I dont mean too

57..I need more confidence

58.. I don't like being tall

59..I love the land of my birth, but also love where I am..I have the
best of both worlds...

60... Good Grief.. in 2 weeks I'm going to be 60 !!!
 And Guess What ???   I'm going to LOVE it !!!!