Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You... Prompt 48

This week's prompt is - Perfect Day Out

  • Cast your mind back to a day when you experienced the perfect day out.
  • Describe the setting
  • Who you were with?
  • Why were you there?
  • What or who made it special
  • How does the memory of that day make you feel?
The perfect day out.... I have a few, but right now I will talk about the
one I had with my daughter Robin.
We would go  to Banff at least once a year, and it was usually wintertime.
I called and booked the hotel etc, and Robin drove us there.

We were there for just a time away, and it was so awesome.
After we got booked into our hotel, we went go for a walk downtown.
I love the stores in Banff, my favourite store though is called
The Spirit of Christmas... absolutely awesome.
We booked a massage at the Spa where the hot pool is, and after
the massage, we sat in the outside hot pool, because it was winter
it was cold outside, so we ran from inside to the hot pool.
There is something so amazing to be outside in the cold, but be almost
too hot in the hot pool.  The snow was coming down gently, we were surrounded
by mountains and there was a zillion stars in the sky.
We had such an amazing time.

When we went back to the hotel, we had face masks that I had bought,
and we put them on, and then tried not to laugh, incase we cracked them.
We even took pictures, but I don't know where they are now.   :)
We brought junk food and ate and laughed, and just felt so content.

It was a time for us to talk and talk, not about anything in particular,
but just about anything and everything.
The next morning we went for breakfast, and went to the waterfall,
the Banff Springs Hotel, and down by the river.... we bought
fudge for ourselves and to bring home to family.
I remember that we even bought cheap rings each.
After we had lunch we started to drive home, as soon as we got into the
city, we made a decision to go to Fish Creek Park... there were huge
trees, we stood behind them, or on fallen trees and took loads of
pictures, and were just laughing and enjoying.

Its lovely to relive this memory... how does it make me feel?
Actually.... my heart is racing... I'm crying... I miss her so much
that it hurts... but what I am thankful for is my memory of when
times were good.  

The Book of Me...... Written by You.... Prompt 47

This week's prompt is - Awards
  • Have you or a close family member received one?
  • What was it for?
  • How was it presented?
  • Do you still have it?
  • Have you inherited an award?
  • If so, who was awarded it and what for?
Awards..... Hmmmm
I have my marriage licence... my reward for becoming a wife.. I know
its not really an award.. but its mine  :) and Ken's

Ken has an award of such.
He has  four safe driving awards for when he worked at
the Post Office.. one was for 5 years safe driving, the other was for 10 years,
Ken said that he also has a 15 year award also, but they didn't give out
anymore plaques, they gave a $50 gift certificate for The Keg.

  He didn't drive the whole time at the Post office, he was also a letter carrier.
The first award he got was presented to him at a dinner, but the
other was just handed to him at work....
We do still have them, in fact we have them hung on a wall downstairs...

I think there was also a 4th award of a Keg certificate... I think after that
he actually had an accident... lol

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You... Prompt 46

This week's prompt is - Childhood reading

Did you read as a child?
Did you experience the wonder of bedtime stories?
Favourite books
Did your childhood reading influence you?
Special moments and memories

I know I read as a child... even now I love books.
I think I read bedtime story books, as for a favourite
book, I honestly don't know.
Of course, as per the previous post, I read the annuals..
and I think that's mostly what I read.

Did my childhood reading influence me?   I think anything we
do in life
influences us somewhat, some more than others... my reading
habits as a child I don't think influenced me too much.. except
maybe gave me the love for reading I have today..

I do have a love for books now, and I definitely have my favourite authors. :)

I really wish that I could remember more of what I read..

The Book of Me.... Written by You.... Prompt 45

This week's prompt is - Comics and Annuals

Like many children I whiled away hours reading comics and looking forward to the Christmas annuals that "Santa" bought with a degree of regularity.

So this week a trip down memory lane.
Share the names of the comics and annuals - your favourites, special characters, memories
Pop along to a popular on-line auction site and see what the annuals and comics of yesteryear sell

I am trying to remember... the older I get, the harder it is to remember everything
from my younger life.
Here are a few of the Annuals that I do remember getting.

Oor Wullie... I have some here that I was sent after I came to Canada.
I love reading Oor Wullie, I love reading the language, and even today it
still makes me smile.

Its about a Scottish boy, and the antics he would get up to.
He always sat on his bucket.
Our Wullie was a comic strip in the paper, and I don't know anyone who didn't like it.
Also.. The Broons
its about a Scottish family. and the happenings in
families.. and the love also.
My favourite was Maw Broon, and The Wean..
Hen Broon was sooooo tall :)
I also have some Broons annuals.

 I remember getting  The Bunty
and also Diana
Usually at Christmastime, I would get one or two of these books.
I wish I could remember the others... for some reason I keep thinking there is one
called Sparkle, but I can't seem to find anything online..
Ahhhh... I remember another one, it was called Judy

My favourites were Bunty, Oor Wullie and The Broons..
Looking online, they aren't too expensive to get now... between 5 and 8 quid ( pounds )
I don't have the pound symbol on my computer :)

I thought it was great as a kid to get these annuals... no electronics back then...

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You... Prompt 44

This week's prompt is - Hairstyles

Go on share your hairstyles over the years!
Do you have regular hairdresser habits?
Do you dye it?

Well... in the beginning..... haha

When I was in High School, my hair was just a little long and I used
to wear it on the side with a polo mint clasp ( barrette ).
I used to have a school picture, but I have since lost it " sob "

this next picture was in the 70's... it is myself and my friend Rosina.
Rosina is the very cute blonde one...
You can tell its the 70's with the hairstyle, I'm sure...  :)
Here's another one...
This next picture is from the 1990's
This is my Mum and I
There was a time in between the 70s and when this photo was taken when
I had a perm... I looked like the Shaggy D.A.... I would have to find that
picture and add it I guess, although I'd rather not... hehe
Here it is
My hair is still similar to this style, even now.
This photo was taken a week ago...
See what I mean??   Same style, just an older me.....
So I would have to say that yes, I have regular hairdressing habits.
I'm actually not that adventurous when it comes to my hair.
Do I colour / dye it...
YES... hehe
Although I have been thinking about just letting it go grey.
In fact its needing me to get it coloured now, and has been needing
it for weeks now... I just cant be bothered.

The Book of Me.... Written by You..... Prompt 43

This week's prompt is - Emigration / Migration / Immigration

Have you ever lived overseas from your place of birth?
Would you want to?
Could you?
Did your ancestors or even a more recent generation?
Do you feel akin to another Country from that in which you were born?
If so have you found any ancestral links in your research that perhaps explains those feelings?
As always share (or not) examples, photographs and perhaps events or rationale

My place of birth was Scotland... I left there and lived in England for 2 years,
and I loved it there.... after 2 years, I came to Canada, Toronto to be exact . :)
I live in Calgary now.
 I don't know of any ancestors who emigrated overseas, but my Great Grandparents David
McGowan and Elizabeth O'Neill moved from Northern Ireland to Greenock, Scotland.
Also , on my Mother's side, my 4x Great Grandfather Owen O'Brien ( born 1799)
came from Drumsnatt Monaghan, Ireland, and moved to Dundee, Scotland.

As far as a more recent generation... my middle son lives in the USA with his wife
and family. 

Do I feel akin to another country from which I was born ?  I have to say that I do.
This country that I live in now, has been good to me...  I love it here.
Of course I miss Scotland , but there are so many things about Canada that
I love also.   My heart is always in 2 places.
I miss friends from " home " , the scenery, family... but I have also made a life here.
The scenery here is also spectacular.. I have family here that I love... my husbands
family are also mine now.
I feel blessed in so many ways