Monday, July 21, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You... Prompt 44

This week's prompt is - Hairstyles

Go on share your hairstyles over the years!
Do you have regular hairdresser habits?
Do you dye it?

Well... in the beginning..... haha

When I was in High School, my hair was just a little long and I used
to wear it on the side with a polo mint clasp ( barrette ).
I used to have a school picture, but I have since lost it " sob "

this next picture was in the 70's... it is myself and my friend Rosina.
Rosina is the very cute blonde one...
You can tell its the 70's with the hairstyle, I'm sure...  :)
Here's another one...
This next picture is from the 1990's
This is my Mum and I
There was a time in between the 70s and when this photo was taken when
I had a perm... I looked like the Shaggy D.A.... I would have to find that
picture and add it I guess, although I'd rather not... hehe
Here it is
My hair is still similar to this style, even now.
This photo was taken a week ago...
See what I mean??   Same style, just an older me.....
So I would have to say that yes, I have regular hairdressing habits.
I'm actually not that adventurous when it comes to my hair.
Do I colour / dye it...
YES... hehe
Although I have been thinking about just letting it go grey.
In fact its needing me to get it coloured now, and has been needing
it for weeks now... I just cant be bothered.

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