Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You... Prompt 48

This week's prompt is - Perfect Day Out

  • Cast your mind back to a day when you experienced the perfect day out.
  • Describe the setting
  • Who you were with?
  • Why were you there?
  • What or who made it special
  • How does the memory of that day make you feel?
The perfect day out.... I have a few, but right now I will talk about the
one I had with my daughter Robin.
We would go  to Banff at least once a year, and it was usually wintertime.
I called and booked the hotel etc, and Robin drove us there.

We were there for just a time away, and it was so awesome.
After we got booked into our hotel, we went go for a walk downtown.
I love the stores in Banff, my favourite store though is called
The Spirit of Christmas... absolutely awesome.
We booked a massage at the Spa where the hot pool is, and after
the massage, we sat in the outside hot pool, because it was winter
it was cold outside, so we ran from inside to the hot pool.
There is something so amazing to be outside in the cold, but be almost
too hot in the hot pool.  The snow was coming down gently, we were surrounded
by mountains and there was a zillion stars in the sky.
We had such an amazing time.

When we went back to the hotel, we had face masks that I had bought,
and we put them on, and then tried not to laugh, incase we cracked them.
We even took pictures, but I don't know where they are now.   :)
We brought junk food and ate and laughed, and just felt so content.

It was a time for us to talk and talk, not about anything in particular,
but just about anything and everything.
The next morning we went for breakfast, and went to the waterfall,
the Banff Springs Hotel, and down by the river.... we bought
fudge for ourselves and to bring home to family.
I remember that we even bought cheap rings each.
After we had lunch we started to drive home, as soon as we got into the
city, we made a decision to go to Fish Creek Park... there were huge
trees, we stood behind them, or on fallen trees and took loads of
pictures, and were just laughing and enjoying.

Its lovely to relive this memory... how does it make me feel?
Actually.... my heart is racing... I'm crying... I miss her so much
that it hurts... but what I am thankful for is my memory of when
times were good.  

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