Friday, August 1, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You.... Prompt 49

This week's prompt is - What do I sound like?

  • Describe your voice
  • Perhaps include an electronic recording of your voice reciting a poem or reading a piece of writing. Maybe even this prompt response
  • Do you have recordings of other family members?
Describe my voice.... Hmmmm... sexy comes to mind
Just Kidding of course !!!

Well, I was born with a Scottish voice... well not actually born with it, but
when I was learning to talk, I talked with a Scottish accent. ( you know what I mean )
It's not as strong of an accent as it used to be, being as I live in Canada now.
I'm probably a mixture of Scottish and Canadian now, ( but secretly hoping
more Scottish than Canadian )

I've been told that my voice sounds young on the phone, I'm not sure about that one.
What I do know is, that when I hear my voice on a video.. I don't like it.  :)

I tried to add a video, but it didn't work...   I actually don't know
how to do an electronic recording..

I used to have a recording of my dad... well actually my dad sent me
a cassette tape once with songs he liked, and at the end he spoke just a
few words, but it was his voice, and I loved it.
I don't have it anymore as my oldest son taped over it when he
was little... I cried for days over that.  What I would do to be
able to hear my dad's voice now.....

I wish I had recordings of other family, like my grandparents... would
love to hear their voice....

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