Monday, April 21, 2014

This week's prompt (week 34) is - Easter Memories
What does Easter Mean to you?
A religious event?
The first main break (in the UK) since Christmas and New Year
A more general Spring/Autumn event
Easter Bunnies

What does Easter mean to me?
I would say... all the above...

I do believe its a religious event... I love that it is.
I love that our Saviour gave us the best Easter gift possible.... his life..
We are all so blessed..

I also believe that after Thanksgiving ( in October ) and then Christmas... Easter
is the next big event...   I make a big dinner... we have company over...I love it ..
This years dinner consists of Turkey, Ham with raisin sauce , stuffing,
mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, brussel sprouts, and either cooked carrots or carrot soufflĂ©, and also yams.... Oh and we have a ton of desserts.  Banana pudding, trifle, chocolate fountain w/ fruit, cream puffs, sliced cake and some squares.... did I say I was busy ???  hehe
here are some pictures...

We also do chocolate eggs etc.  I also get some treats for the children I take care of.
This is what I did for them this year...
I love to decorate for the different holidays

 We don't really have  any traditions anymore... we just try to make it something
that we can enjoy.  We used to hide eggs etc when our children were young.. and
we had the little chocolate eggs and jelly beans that we scattered
was sure fun to watch them gather everything up.  We would go to
the zoo with them at times as well...I miss those days...  Now if we have students, we
try to make it something that they will enjoy.  Its a lot of work preparing everything,
but even though I'm exhausted, I enjoy it.... 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You... Prompt 33

This week's prompt is - Regrets

  • Big Regrets
    • I should (or not) have bought that large purchase
  • Small Regrets
    • I should (or not) have had that thick shake at MacDonalds
  • Miscellaneous Regrets
    • Relationships
    • Jobs
    • Friends
Regrets.... we all have them.
Its not good to dwell on them, so I don't, but, I still have
them all the same.

I regret not telling my dad more often that I loved him... although
I know he knew I did... knowing and hearing is two different things...right?
Not just my dad... there have been people who have been in my life that
I should have been more forth coming with...

I had always wanted to be a Nurse growing up, but some people
told me that they didn't think I could handle seeing blood etc, so
I got it in my head that I couldn't.... I regret putting it in
my head, and wish I had at least tried.

I regret that I don't know my siblings like I should.  I know its
out of my control.... but I still wish it were so..

I regret the fact that my daughter isn't really in my life. 

I regret eating some of the Easter candy that I bought... but... oh my, it was good :)

I regret that I never went to College... I wonder what I would be
doing now, if I did ?

I have many regrets that I wont be writing down here... but I want to end this on a positive note.
I am Thankful for all the regrets that I have... at the time, I wasn't thankful, but
I  am now. Being thankful for them sounds funny, but I wouldn't be who I am,
if it wasn't for the good or the bad / regrets in my life.... and I'm getting to
kinda like " me "... not always, but its a start.   :)

I'll end this with a quote...

“One of my main regrets in life is giving considerable thought to inconsiderate people.”
Jarod Kintz,

Till next week..... Nora x x

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You... Prompt 32

Prompt for week 32 is
This week's prompt is - How do you De-Stress?
Anything else?
What triggers your acknowledgement that you need to de-stress?
other pains?
What triggers you stress?

I'm a worrier... like my dad..
actually, I think my Mum was a worrier also... but since I grew up
with my dad, I can blame him for all the worrying I do ..  :)
Actually, I think its a Newman trait.

Of course, not just worrying makes you have stress... so many other
things do as well. eg:  your job, the weather, getting lost .. hehe

I don't always know what to do to de-stress.. but sometimes, just going outside
and getting fresh air really helps... it helps me think.. and if I'm up
to it .. going for a nice walk.
Also, listening to some calm music, or depending on the situation, some
lively music that gets me up dancing.
If I can, a massage really helps... though painful at the time, it
makes me so relaxed after.
Meditation helps..
For me personally, sometimes just waiting until the next day makes
me feel better... puts things into perspective, makes me think clearer.

What triggers my acknowledgement that I need to de-stress?
Well.. getting a headache ( my headaches are also caused by Chinooks as well )
If I'm getting irritable easily, I know its time to step back.

Some things that trigger my stress... I tend to take on too much
at times.. I need to learn the word No ! Getting better with it though ..
The feeling that I'm getting used...
I'm not super woman... well, I am, but you know what I mean... haha
As I said at the beginning...worry can cause stress.
I have to say that I am getting better... not that I don't ever feel stress...
getting a certain amount is healthy anyway..

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You... Prompt 31

This week's prompt is - What makes you proud?

  • Your achievements
    • Against the odds
    • Challenges
  • Your Family Members
    • Spouse
    • Parents
    • Grandparents
    • Grandchildren
    • Children
    • Friends and Colleagues
I'm behind on the prompts.. not far behind, but behind all the same.
You see, I have to talk about what makes me proud.. I'm okay to talk
about other people... but what is it, that I find hard to talk about ME....   :)

My achievements...  I just recently took my infant / child CPR..I
take care of children for a living, and so its important to do this.
I was so nervous... I didn't think I could do it... when it comes
to writing tests, I kind of draw a blank... the instructor knew
how nervous I was feeling.  When I handed my paper to him and he
started marking, he looked a bit funny, so I thought  " OH NO "..I
failed all of it.  After he was done, he said .. why were you so nervous ?
I got 100%... soooo happy !!

I'm also proud to be a member of my church...  against all odds, I
have overcame trials.  I lost my family because of my decision..and
yet I knew that it was the right thing to do for me, and in the
end I was okay with my family again... it took some time,
but it happened

I'm proud of my husband... against all odds, he has turned into
someone that works hard, and takes care of his family ... He didn't
have anyone to show him how to....
He has always had a job since I've known him..and he's not afraid
to try new things.

I will add in to this later... just having a hard time... I have lots of things
to be proud of.. I promise :)