Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You... Prompt 32

Prompt for week 32 is
This week's prompt is - How do you De-Stress?
Anything else?
What triggers your acknowledgement that you need to de-stress?
other pains?
What triggers you stress?

I'm a worrier... like my dad..
actually, I think my Mum was a worrier also... but since I grew up
with my dad, I can blame him for all the worrying I do ..  :)
Actually, I think its a Newman trait.

Of course, not just worrying makes you have stress... so many other
things do as well. eg:  your job, the weather, getting lost .. hehe

I don't always know what to do to de-stress.. but sometimes, just going outside
and getting fresh air really helps... it helps me think.. and if I'm up
to it .. going for a nice walk.
Also, listening to some calm music, or depending on the situation, some
lively music that gets me up dancing.
If I can, a massage really helps... though painful at the time, it
makes me so relaxed after.
Meditation helps..
For me personally, sometimes just waiting until the next day makes
me feel better... puts things into perspective, makes me think clearer.

What triggers my acknowledgement that I need to de-stress?
Well.. getting a headache ( my headaches are also caused by Chinooks as well )
If I'm getting irritable easily, I know its time to step back.

Some things that trigger my stress... I tend to take on too much
at times.. I need to learn the word No ! Getting better with it though ..
The feeling that I'm getting used...
I'm not super woman... well, I am, but you know what I mean... haha
As I said at the beginning...worry can cause stress.
I have to say that I am getting better... not that I don't ever feel stress...
getting a certain amount is healthy anyway..

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