Monday, October 26, 2015


Been thinking a lot these days... about life.. about '"stuff ", and
today when Ken and I were in the van coming back from Costco,
I was talking to him about some memories..I realised I want
to write them down in my blog, but have left it too long that
now I'm having a hard time remembering them all.  haha

When I lived in Kelburn, we lived on the top floor of a tenement
building... I can remember when I had been out, how I would
run up the stairs as fast as I could...why ?  because there were
daddy long legs in the corners of the stairs, and I was petrified
that they would get me..haha
When I went up a flight of stairs there was a landing with a big
window and there were always a load of daddy long legs
floating up and down those windows... why did we have to live
on the top floor ??
There were a couple of landings too... oh I hated it  !!

I can also remember that my bedroom was the first one as you
came in the front door.  It was a big room, but so damp
and cold... freezing... but yet I have such fond memories of
my room there.

There was a long hallway ( at least it seemed long to me at that time )
At the end of the hallway was the living room door, but
before you came to it, the kitchen door was on the left hand side.
The kitchen had a big black ..I dont know what to call
was'nt a stove, but you could put the kettle on it to heat it up.
The other side of it was the fireplace in the living was
a coal fireplace... I wonder if they still have them in the homes there.

Also in the kitchen was a pulley... it would be up to the ceiling, but
with a rope that you loosened, you could bring it down to hang clothes on,
and would then pull it back up, so the clothes would be out of the way.
The clothes on it were washed and hung up to dry on it.

I told Ken that I was amazed  at being able to remember some little
details of my home there... maybe a sign that I'm getting older ??