Monday, April 21, 2014

This week's prompt (week 34) is - Easter Memories
What does Easter Mean to you?
A religious event?
The first main break (in the UK) since Christmas and New Year
A more general Spring/Autumn event
Easter Bunnies

What does Easter mean to me?
I would say... all the above...

I do believe its a religious event... I love that it is.
I love that our Saviour gave us the best Easter gift possible.... his life..
We are all so blessed..

I also believe that after Thanksgiving ( in October ) and then Christmas... Easter
is the next big event...   I make a big dinner... we have company over...I love it ..
This years dinner consists of Turkey, Ham with raisin sauce , stuffing,
mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, brussel sprouts, and either cooked carrots or carrot soufflĂ©, and also yams.... Oh and we have a ton of desserts.  Banana pudding, trifle, chocolate fountain w/ fruit, cream puffs, sliced cake and some squares.... did I say I was busy ???  hehe
here are some pictures...

We also do chocolate eggs etc.  I also get some treats for the children I take care of.
This is what I did for them this year...
I love to decorate for the different holidays

 We don't really have  any traditions anymore... we just try to make it something
that we can enjoy.  We used to hide eggs etc when our children were young.. and
we had the little chocolate eggs and jelly beans that we scattered
was sure fun to watch them gather everything up.  We would go to
the zoo with them at times as well...I miss those days...  Now if we have students, we
try to make it something that they will enjoy.  Its a lot of work preparing everything,
but even though I'm exhausted, I enjoy it.... 

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