Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You.... Prompt 50

This week's prompt is - Godparents

  • Did / Do your Godparents feature a great deal in your life
  • Do you know your Godparents?
  • How do they link in to your family?
  • Other stories or influences from your Godparents
  • Are you Godparents to anyone?

Well, when I first read the prompt, I immediately  thought that I would have
nothing to write about.... I was thinking that if I had any Godparents, I
have no idea who they are.
Then I got thinking... I have a photo of me as a newborn, my mother is
holding me, and the woman standing beside her is my Aunt Helen.
Somewhere in my memory I thought someone told me that it was at
my christening, and my Aunt Helen was my Godmother.
Hmmmm... I managed to get my Aunt Helen's phone number, and
I tried to call.... no answer.
The next couple of days were busy, so I wasn't able to call, and then
yesterday in the morning before the busy day started I tried again.
..... this time, she answered.
I talked about many things and then told her about the photo I have, and
asked her if she was my Godmother, and she is.
She told me that she went to Greenock to see my mum after I was born,
she wasn't married to my Uncle yet... my mum asked her to be my Godmother.

Because I grew up with just my dad's side of the family in my life, I would have to say that
no... my Godparents didn't feature a great deal in my life... but that
wouldn't be their fault.. some things are beyond our control, and.... I really
understand why, I have no idea if I have a Godfather also..

I'm not a Godparent to anyone..

I went from feeling blah about this prompt, feeling I had nothing to
say, to feeling that I am so thankful for these prompts... it makes me think
and in some ways it gives me answers.  Also it brings up things / feelings that
I didn't know existed in me, makes me think, and makes me realise
" Who I Am ".  At the beginning of these prompts, I was to write a list
of Who am I... I think I could add to that list now.

Here is the photo. My mum is holding me, and my Aunt beside her  :)

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