Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Book of Me...... Written by You.... Prompt 47

This week's prompt is - Awards
  • Have you or a close family member received one?
  • What was it for?
  • How was it presented?
  • Do you still have it?
  • Have you inherited an award?
  • If so, who was awarded it and what for?
Awards..... Hmmmm
I have my marriage licence... my reward for becoming a wife.. I know
its not really an award.. but its mine  :) and Ken's

Ken has an award of such.
He has  four safe driving awards for when he worked at
the Post Office.. one was for 5 years safe driving, the other was for 10 years,
Ken said that he also has a 15 year award also, but they didn't give out
anymore plaques, they gave a $50 gift certificate for The Keg.

  He didn't drive the whole time at the Post office, he was also a letter carrier.
The first award he got was presented to him at a dinner, but the
other was just handed to him at work....
We do still have them, in fact we have them hung on a wall downstairs...

I think there was also a 4th award of a Keg certificate... I think after that
he actually had an accident... lol

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