Monday, July 21, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You..... Prompt 43

This week's prompt is - Emigration / Migration / Immigration

Have you ever lived overseas from your place of birth?
Would you want to?
Could you?
Did your ancestors or even a more recent generation?
Do you feel akin to another Country from that in which you were born?
If so have you found any ancestral links in your research that perhaps explains those feelings?
As always share (or not) examples, photographs and perhaps events or rationale

My place of birth was Scotland... I left there and lived in England for 2 years,
and I loved it there.... after 2 years, I came to Canada, Toronto to be exact . :)
I live in Calgary now.
 I don't know of any ancestors who emigrated overseas, but my Great Grandparents David
McGowan and Elizabeth O'Neill moved from Northern Ireland to Greenock, Scotland.
Also , on my Mother's side, my 4x Great Grandfather Owen O'Brien ( born 1799)
came from Drumsnatt Monaghan, Ireland, and moved to Dundee, Scotland.

As far as a more recent generation... my middle son lives in the USA with his wife
and family. 

Do I feel akin to another country from which I was born ?  I have to say that I do.
This country that I live in now, has been good to me...  I love it here.
Of course I miss Scotland , but there are so many things about Canada that
I love also.   My heart is always in 2 places.
I miss friends from " home " , the scenery, family... but I have also made a life here.
The scenery here is also spectacular.. I have family here that I love... my husbands
family are also mine now.
I feel blessed in so many ways

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