Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You...Prompt 42

This week's  prompt is - Handwriting
Add to your Book of Me an example of your handwriting.
Share some examples of your ancestors - parents, Grandparents, etc
Has your handwriting changed over time?...
Perhaps include some samples of younger generations?
In this digital age our descendants will marvel at our handwriting for very different reasons when compared to us marvelling at our ancestors handwriting. We take for granted that we can probably write. That in the past was not a given right.

I always loved writing, and used to write letters quite regularly, but
times have changed, and the norm now is to send an email
or a text or something along those lines...I still will write a letter once in
awhile, and I absolutely LOVE receiving a letter in the post.  Something
about the time someone has put in to write to you, and to have come
through your mail slot, and to be able to hold and read it and re read...I
love it, and I miss it. 

My writing has changed..
This is my writing from around 1973 / 74

When I write my name now, and how I used to do it, is also different, but
just a little.. I write my " N " different now
In this picture, the top is how I used to do it, the bottom is how I do it now.
Here are some other writings from my family
This first one is my Grandfather Tom McCulloch's sister Mary,
so my Gr Aunt
This is a birthday card from my dad... its the only thing I have with his
writing, but I wish I had more..
This one is from my dad's Aunt Helen
This is Dad's brother Andrew's Aunt Margaret
This is from my Grandfather Tom McCulloch's  brother,
my Gr Uncle George
I love having these little bit of handwriting .. what a treasure to me x

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