Saturday, April 4, 2015

A to Z Book of Me Challenge B is for Bonding

Bonding... is it possible to feel a bond with our ancestors?
We don't know them... can there be a genealogical pull there?

For me, I would have to say a big YES...
I'm not sure if its like that for everyone, but it definately is for me.

The more I find out, the bigger my heart feels.
I love them all so much... I am part of them...

My Dad was born March 11, 1931, he had a twin sister , but she died shortly after she
was born.  I think my dad was like 5 days old, when his mother also passed away.
My grandfather married my Gran on December 6 1940, so my dad would have been 9 coming up for 10 years old.  He loved my gran like she was his real mum, but she is the only mum he ever knew... the only grandmother I really knew.
I am also working on her tree... its important to me.
What was also important to me was , I always felt prompted to find out about my dad's real mum.
Her name was Agnes McGowan... I have a cousin who is named after her.
I found out as much as I could, but I could really feel that bond there... I wanted more.

I asked around about pictures, I so desperatly wanted to know what she looks like... did I resemble her?  Am I like her in any way ?
I could never find anything.
I was even able to get in touch with my Uncle Andrew's wife ( my Aunt Margaret )  in Edinburgh... but still nothing ( Although I did get pictures and info on their family... wow.. do the Newman boys all resemble each other )  :)

My Aunt Helen ( my dad's sister ) died 24 July 2008.
I dont remember how much longer after, but I received a brown envelope in the mail form my cousin Arthur and his wife ( Liz ).. ( My Aunt Helen's son ) inside there were some pictures... one of the pictures was my grandmother Agnes McGowan... I cried !!
It was the BEST gift I could have got....
And my cousin Agnes, who was named after her, actually resembles her a lot.

I believe there can be a strong bond to our ancestors... I have had other experiences with other names on my family tree.
I'm so thankful to have the family that I have... I'm so thankful that they are mine....

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