Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A to Z Book of Me Challenge F is for Family

Family...  Parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters...
We have family that feel like strangers,..... and friends who feel more like family.
We have family that we wish we were close too, that we tried to be close to, but its obvious
its not going to happen... and others that it takes no effort at all to feel close with.
Regrdless... we love them all...

When I was thinking of this prompt... it got me thinking...
I am incredibly lucky to have the family I have ...

I remember living with my Gran with my dad... sure it must have been hard
on her having a 5 year old underfoot all the time... but oh how she loved me.
I knew she did.... I could feel it...
Cant you see the kindness in her eyes... this is how I remember her.
Her dark her, never did get many grey hairs ( lucky her )
She was just lovely...
 She died close to my birthday... I remember my dad calling me to let me know.. I cried.
And then on my birthday I recieved a birthday card from her... I felt like I got a hug
from Heaven.
I could honour so many family members writing this, but have decided to honour
my Gran at this time.

 Catherine Brown Greves was born 02 Aug 1901 in 2 Murdieston Street, Greenock, Scotland and died 10 Dec 1981 in Inverclyde Royal Hospital,Greenock, Scotland. She married David Scott Newman 06 Dec 1940 in Foursquare Gospel Church, Greenock
She was 39 years old...

My Grandad had a big family.. my dad was the youngest... he would have turned 10 years old a few months after they got married.
My Gran automatically took on the challenge of raising a boy.
She was a religous lady, went to church every Sunday.

I remember her always putting a ribbon in my hair... but I would ALWAYS lose them.
She had a blue budgie... seems like she always had budgies.
When my Grandad was alive, I remember them having a dog called Laddie.

I always loved going to visit her... I didn't appreciate her as much as I 
should until I got older... always loved her though
Funny how that works... time has a way of making us realise what is important.

" F " is for family... I love all of mine

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