Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A to Z Book of Me Challenge... S is for Secondary Sources and Sports

What is Secondary Sources in is documents or records that were not created
at the time the event occurred . It could be someone who is telling about the event
in the past, and it may not be completely accurate.
It could be from letters or books that a relative may have.
For example... some of what I've written, is just from memory and may not
be completely accurate...
Some sources can be Primary or Secondary... have I confused you yet??
I think I've confused myself... haha

Sports : This isnt a hard one... I really don't like sports much at all..
I only watch Hockey when its the play offs ..and I root for the
Calgary Flames to win... my husband is the same... we just are'nt Sports fanatics.

My dad loved football ( here its called soccer )
He was a Morton and a Rangers fan

My dad also loved the wrestling... I remember him watching it
on TV... I even remember one of the names of a wrestler... it was
Mick McManus...

My Uncle George loved the Football as well, he liked the Greenock JR
and he also liked Boxing
My Uncle David loved Golf..... I don't know about other family members..

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