Saturday, April 25, 2015

A to Z Book of Me Challenge W is for Who, What, Where, When, Why and Who am I ?

We need to understand all these things in relation to our Ancestors.
Who they are...
What they did..
Where they lived
When they lived there..
Why they did something..

My Ancestors are McGowans, Newmans, McCullochs, O,Neills..Menzies
and O'Briens I have other names, but these are the main lines.

In doing my research, my McGowans and O'Neill's they originated in Northern Ireland,
 and then moved to Scotland ( Greenock ).. I only have my Great Grandparents
 there, as I can't get back further. ( so far )  They were married in a place called Ahoghill.
The year was 1880 that they were married.

The furthest back I have my Newmans is 1790.. Benjamin Newman was
married to Ann Law.
He married her August of 1810...
His son Andrew Newman  ( My Great Great Grandfather ) was a
salmon fisher.... He drowned.  I wonder , even though he
was a fisherman, that maybe he couldn't swim.. They lived in Arbroath.
My Newmans always lived in Arbroath, Scotland, but my Grandfather
David Scott Newman came to Greenock... I'm not sure the reason why.
He would have met my Grandmother Agnes McGowan there...

Most of my Menzies were also from Arbroath... although my earliest
was Thomas Menzies, born in 1744 in Strachan, Kincardineshire, Scotland/

My McCullochs and O'Brien's also originally came from Ireland.. I heard
from my Uncle Ally, that it was County Mayo and County Cavan, but \I
haven't been able to get them there yet.
They did both end up in Dundee, Scotland
I dont know why they left Ireland and came to Scotland.
This is my Great Grandparents
George Walsh McCulloch  1876 to 1936

Helen Edwards ( McCulloch ) 1880 to 1939

Who am I ?

I am a Wife,  Mother, daughter, aunt, cousin, sister.... friend
I am a lover of purple and blue
I am a lover of all things pasta
I am a thinker ( sometimes too much )
I am a Homestay mom
I am a childcare giver
I am an animal lover
Sensitive ( too much so )
Lover of Autumn
Music lover
Child of God
picture taker
Christmas Lover
Family Historian

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