Sunday, April 12, 2015

A to Z Book of Me Challenge H is for How and Holidays

How ?

How are things different now from when my ancestors were growing up.. well, they
were born before Television, video games, Penicillin, Washer and Dryers, computers,
frozen foods,  you name it :)

When I think about how they lived, I envy them in some respects... life was
simpler, but in many ways, life was also harder.
Can you imagine washing everything by hand... I have done that... soooo much easier
to just  throw everything in the washing machine.

When I first started working on my family tree, I relied on getting information
from my family, or I had to go to a family history centre to look things up.
I know that I dont appreciate the fact that I can sit in the comfort of my home
and work on my family history... the magic of computers !!

Holidays :  I don't know what kind of things my ancestors did .. I would imagine
they would go to the seaside, or something similar.

As a child,I can remember going to the Isle of Man with my family for a holiday,
We also went to Blackpool, or on a weekend we went across the water to Dunoon
or to Millport, or even just down to Largs.

I cant remember all the details of the trip... but what I remember is the feeling...
I know I loved that family time together..

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