Thursday, April 9, 2015

A to Z Book of Me Challenge G is for Goals and Gifts


Everyone has a goal of some sort... I also have a bucket list of things I would
like to see or do... things like :  Going to Disneyland ( doing that this year ) Go to Alaska,
see whales ( Next year will do those ), I also have some things on there like  Write a letter to myself, and open it in 10 years, Dance under the stars, Go on a zipline , send a message in a bottle etc... they are'nt for everyone, but they are things I want to accomplish.

Genealogy wise... I would like to get further back in my Newman line, I would love to find out more information on each of my ancestors... finding things about them, makes them feel more real to me.
and I would love to see the places they lived.


When I look around, I can see gifts that I have recieved from family, and things I recieved
from some of my previous students..
Things like these...

For Genealogy.. I have these..

 My Dad gave this to me... I think it was my Grandfather's

This I recieved from Ken's work.. it was when we were first married.. its
over 38 years old..

I also have the gift of Family.. laughter.. fun !!

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