Sunday, April 12, 2015

A to Z Book of Me Challenge K is for Keepsakes and Kiss

Keepsakes...  I already mentioned about how close I was to my Gran...oh
how I loved her.  When my Gran died, my dad sent me her bible... it is something that I
still cherish now.
I also have the last card that my dad sent me for my birthday.

I love to see his writing and remember him.

This past Christmas, my son and his wife gave us a framed picture..In it
were our grandchildren's hands.  There hands will never be that size again.. it
has their ages on it, and it says : From Firm Roots Grow Beautiful Leaves.
The PERFECT gift to have given me  :) and a real keepsake..

Kiss..... My first kiss would have been from my parents.. and maybe even
my Grandparents as well.  :)
I remember when I was a wee girl... my dad would kiss my forehead,
even now, if someone kisses my forehead, it makes me feel
warm and safe.
I remeber my Gran would kiss my cheek as she gave me a hug.

My first :" real " kiss would have been from... well
that would be telling.. hehe
Was it romantic ?
I would have to say it was.
Was it from someone special?
It absolutely was...

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