Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A to Z Book of Me Challenge Q is for Questions

It is so important to ask questions... ask our parents or our grandparents as many
questions as we can... we dont want to regret it after they are no longer
with us.  I personally wish I had asked more questions.  There are so many things
I wonder about, and that I would love to know, but when my dad was alive, I either
was'nt interested or didn't think about it.
I regret it now.
Some things I wish I had asked are...

What were some of the Fads when they were young and did they follow them ?
How did they meet ?
What did they do for fun ?
What was school like.. what was their best or worst subject ?
What is their earliest childhood memory ?
How did they celebrate birhdays, christmas etc ?
What did they enjoy doing together as a family ?
What was life like for them growing up ?

There's oodles more.....  anyway,  ask, ask, ask !!
and listen to what they have to say....

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