Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A to Z Book of Me Challenge O is for Organsational and Occasions

Organisational :

I know its important to be organised, especially in Genealogy.
I feel in my life, that I am a somewhat organised person, but not
in every area in my life.
It stresses me out somewhat when I feel disorganised.. it makes me cranky.
It doesn't bother me if someone else isn't, but it definitely bothers me
if I'm not.
I have three clear containers that I have mine and my husbands Genealogy in.
There are newspaper clippings, certificates, photo's etc.
These are my containers.... actually, I'm showing just one..
Its good that I'm organised to have it all in containers, but......

its not good that it actually looks like this...

It makes me crazy to even see this... and a bit embarassed  :)

I know how important it is to have an organised Family History... hopefully
one day I can get around to getting it done.

Occasions :
There are so many occasions of happenings in our lives..we should
be documenting them all.
 Weddings, the birth of a child, a sweet 16 birthday.. you get the picture.
How important for future generations to see a picture of any of  these.
I take pictures of EVERYTHING...
Yesterday was my husbands birthday...
I decorated the ceiling in our living room with balloons.
Why ?  Because I like to surprise him but I also want him to know
he is special... he loves it :)
Its important to document these different occasions in our lives somehow..
even if its just pictures.
Now If I could just get them organised, I would be set :)

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