Thursday, April 23, 2015

A to Z Book of Me Challenge T is for Trust

Trust.... do I trust the research I've done, do I trust the evidence ?
Do I trust the notes I've took ?
Do I trust the information I was given ?

I know mistakes can be made accidently, but I know that I mostly trust
the information I have been given, and will probably continue to do
so unless it has been proven otherwise.
If I ever find something wrong in the information or work that I have,
I'll just correct it and move on...  :)

Who is the absolute person that I trust the most, and why ?

Well that would have to be my husband... I can tell him, and talk to
him about anything, and I know it wont go anywhere else.
I also have a friend that I can do that with as well... its really important
to have someone like that... sometimes we just need a sounding board,
and need someone there to listen, while we get it off our chest.

I dont really trust easily, and hope that if I do open up to someone, I hope
that I dont regret it... especially if it was a sensitive subject..

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