Sunday, April 12, 2015

A to Z Book of Me Challenge I is for Informants and Individual

Informants :  I wouldn't be as far as I am now in my Family History, if
it was'nt for the fact I have had people tell me information that they knew.
Of course, I also have to follow up, and still look up and find more information myself,
bur how important it was to get the information in the first place, to get me started.
Having someone share their information or knowledge with you is so, so important
for a number of reasons... the number one reason being, that maybe they were
there, so know first hand that the info they are giving you is right / true.

We are all INDIVIDUALS... we are all in our own way unique....
Just in our own families, we can all be so different.
Mt three boys are all completely different.. alike in some ways, but
very different in others.
My oldest son was always outgoing as a child, and very hyper, whereas
my middle son was quieter, shy in some respects.  My youngest son, he
had some of each of his older brothers in him... he is also the most stubborn.
A couple of my boys walk like my brother Andrew, but they never met him..

Its the same with our ancestors, they are each individual and unique
in their own way.
We have each of our ancestors running through our veins, but we are
also an individual.... we may have Grandpa's eyes, or our Mum's smile,
but we are our own unique person... be proud of us.. be proud of you  x

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