Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You... Prompt 19

This week's prompt is... Who Do You Miss....

Having just gone through the Festive season our thoughts turn to those not with us. 
  • Whether that is people who live elsewhere and that we will not see over the festive season
  • People that have passed away.
  • Who do y0u miss?
  • Why do you miss them?
    • Them as an individual
    • Something specific to them
I have to narrow this down, because I miss so many people ...I don't live near home , and by home I mean Scotland..... here goes....
      I miss my dad... for so many reasons, but most of all, because I miss his voice.. I miss being able to talk to him, to ask advice... I miss his hugs, his sense of humour, and the way he called me " pet " or " hen "
      You know what bothers me,,,, I have a hard time remembering what his voice sounds like... I never wanted to forget, but I kinda / sorta have...

      I miss my brother Andrew...
      I am the oldest of seven, but I only grew up with my brother Andrew... we fought sometimes, and argued sometimes, but we basically got on most of the time....  I also miss his voice, and his joking... a short time before he died, he called me just to say "I love you ".. I miss him so much
      This prompt came at just the right time... you see, I have been in contact with some friends from way, way back, but just recently, we are all in contact with some other friends... in fact the one ( Jim ) , has just made a page on
      Facebook, that we are all on.  Right now we all talk about the past, and we are
      putting pictures up, but I think it will also be a safe place where we can
      talk about our lives now... we can share our accomplishments, talk about our grandchildren etc...
      In no particular order... here they are
      There is Rosina
      Rosina and I left Scotland and worked in England... we had such fun times then... I love that we can just be ourselves.. she is someone I trust
      This is Lisa... She also went to England, and Agnes did too ..
      This is Agnes.... I always felt safe because Lisa and Agnes came to England  as well... if I had something worrying me, I could go to them
      Here is Stacy ( she's with her husband in the pic )
      I have found that even though we don't talk for a long time... when we do... we can always start where we left off....
      This is Ken ( he is with his wife Sandra in this pic )
      He is funny, he's a good listener he's kind, and I love the banter between him and Tom and Jim
      This is Tom....
      and this is Jim
      Even though they are all different... I am happy for the bond I have with each of them.... I am hoping that having this wee group again will be a time of healing, a time to reflect on the various paths we have all gone... but yet... even in our busy lives, we can still try to be there for each other...we all live in different parts of the world, but we have the one thing that bonds us... I hope that friendship is what will keep us together
      There is also Jean... I don't have a photo to put on right now.. I miss her also
      Last , but not daughter Robin...
      its a sad story ... one that I am not ready to write about on here...yet..
      I do miss her though
      I am sure you are wondering how I narrowed this down... believe me ..I did
      I have so many more names I would have liked to write down
      Writing this has conjured up a load of feelings..
      Some are sadness, happiness, worry, contentment... have I said happiness ?  hehe.. I have tears in my eyes at the moment...something I have done a lot of the last few days...but I am thankful for being able to do these prompts from week to week... I am hoping that some day, my posterity will look at this blog ( or book, if I can ever get it done ) and see that I am a person with feelings,  I am real... I am ME. I would have loved to have something of my own ancestors to read, to make them come alive for me... and isn't that what its all about...
      I have a lot of people that I miss..... I can only hope to have made such an impression, that some would miss me too  x x


  1. It was a good prompt wasn't it? Very cathartic. We do miss people and I think we need to say it occasionally.