Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sports Day

When I was young and at school, I can remember how excited we were about Sports Day..
If I remember right, I think parents would be there too, to cheer us on.
I wish my memory was a lot better though.
I remember being at a park which was near my house on Kelburn, but I also don't remember the name of the park.
I can also only remember a few of the games that we played...

There was the egg and spoon race...  running holding the egg on the spoon, and hoping that it didn't
fall off....

Then there was the 3 legged race. Usually it was a tie that was tied around you and your partners ankle. You needed to get into a good system with this... after all , you didn't want to fall and let your partner down.. you start off slowly, but after a couple of steps, you had to be fast to make that finish line...

And then there was the sack race... usually an old potato sack that you stepped into,
and jumped your way to the finish.
The chances of falling were high.. your heart racing when from the corner of your eye
you could see someone catching up...
Oh yes... sports day was FUN !!!
I wish I could remember the other games we played, but really it doesn't matter..
I CAN remember the excitement of everyone there, and just the joy of
the day.. ahhhh , those were the days  x x
Thanks to my friend Karen...she told me another couple of games
There is the skipping race... I cant believe I didn't remember this one, as I loved skipping..
and also the wheelbarrow race... fun, fun times
I know I sound like my dad, but... these really were the good ol' days
P.S.   The name of the park that we went to for sports day is  Parklea playing fields
....Thank you Vivian :)

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