Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Since Valentines day is coming soon, it got me thinking about
when I was a young girl in Scotland...
Really they were fun....

We would send cards anonymously to those we fancied... we would write sayings all over the
inside like....... I wish I were a china cup,from which you sip your tea
Every time you would take a sip, it would mean a kiss for me

I love you, I love you Almighty Almighty,
I wish your pyjamas were next to my nightie,
Dont be mistaken and dont be mislead,
I mean on the clothes line, not in the bed

and how about this one

Walnuts grow in Canada ,apples grow there too,but it takes a place like Glesga ,tae grow a nut like you... :)

Not only did we write on the inside, but we also did the outside of the envelope for
the Postman... sayings as such as this...

Postie, postie do your stuff, take this to the one I love...

Postie, postie don't be slow, be like Elvis, go man go !!

Postie postie do your duty, take this to my blue eyed beauty

Postie, postie do not tarry, take this to the one I'll marry

Postie, postie do not hide, Throw that  Davie in the Clyde...( whatever the guys name was )

And on the flap part of the envelope, we would write SWALK ( sealed with a loving kiss )

They don't do that here in Canada...

I really look back with fondness at my growing up years, and I find
myself reminiscing, and sometimes wishing I could re live them again....

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