Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Book of Me..... Written by You... Prompt 23

This week's prompt is - Memory Board

- How do you see the point of a memory board
- Why keep one?
 - Do you keep one? Or will you?

This could be a cork board in your office, kitchen or regular space? If you do what do you keep on it? and why?

Oh dear... another hard one.. actually I kind of don't understand this one...
I guess, thinking about this.... a memory board would be things from my life, or an
ancestors life that I would keep on this board.
It could even be something like honoring an ancestor... maybe even every month, you could
put someone new on there.... now there's an idea.
If I had one, I think I would like to put my Uncle George ( my Dad's brother )
He was a kind, quiet and gentle man
On the board with him, I would have my Aunt Cathy, and each one of his children ( my cousins )
I think I would even have their spouses and his grandchildren.
I would also have a picture of his dog.... there wasn't a day went by, that
my Uncle George didn't go for a walk with his dog.. and I'm not
talking a wee walk... he could walk for miles... he was fit, that is for sure.
I would have to ask my cousin what else would be good to put on the board, that
would represent him.
I think his family alone were his biggest accomplishments... he loved his family
I would try to find out all I could about him, so that I could add to the board, to honour him..
 My cousin wrote this, and I would like to add it...
*My dad was a hard working man he loved his football he love the Greenock Jr he never went to any of there away games that I know of but if they played in Greenock he was there and yes he walked miles as he got older is walks go more close to home*
After my Uncle George, I would just go through my tree and choose someone else.
I think I would not just choose ancestors, but also my relatives...I
could learn so much this way about them... get to know them better. I
would also put me on there.
For myself.. I would put a picture of where I was born
Dundee, Scotland
Also of where I lived growing up
I lived in Greenock, Scotland
and then grew up in Port Glasgow
Oops... this is also the cemetery there, but the view is lovely... hehe
I moved to outside of London, England as a Nanny
And then came to Canada as a Nanny also... met my husband here..and we moved from the Eastern
to the Western part of Canada..
I would have to find things to put on this board that would tell about my life..
all the in between parts that I haven't mentioned...
Its exciting to think about doing this .. finding out things about my
Why keep one ?  Well... for the reasons I just said... I love to know about my family also.
Do I keep one?   No I don't..
Will I ?  I'm not sure... probably not.
If I was retired and had more time... then maybe.
I think its an awesome idea though.
I do still plan to send the message in a bottle though :)
Not sure when... but it will be done


  1. Nora, I think you mastered and captured the vision I had in mind when I devised the prompt. Raised glass (or cup of tea) to you and your Uncle George.

    1. Thanks Julie... I feel daft worrying about it now :)

  2. You make it sound so interesting!