Friday, February 7, 2014

The Book of Me... Written by You.... Prompt 24

This week's prompt (Week 24) is - Favourite Colour

Do you have a favourite colour? and if so why?
Do you like vibrant colours or darker colours?
Do you associate anyone with a particular colour? If so who and why ?
Does your favourite colour reflect your personality?

Yes, I do have a favourite colour... actually, I have two favourite colours.... I don't have any idea why they are my favourites... just that I am drawn to them.
The colours that I love are BLUE and PURPLE.....
When I wear certain shades of blue, it tends to make my eyes pop, which in turn,
makes me feel good.  :)
The same goes with purple.... I think with my blue eyes and dark hair, I just tend to love
that colour on me.
A funny story.... quite a few years ago I had mentioned to my husband how much
I loved the colour purple... anyway, Christmas was coming.. and on Christmas day, every
single piece of clothing that he bought me was purple.... everything !!
There was sweat pants and top, a jacket, jeans... I had to tell him that even though I love
that colour, I do like to have a change and wear other colours also... hehe
Here is one of the outfits he got me...
                                                  My Mum and I

I'm not sure right now if I associate a certain colour with anyone... I cant think of anyone.

Do my favourite colours reflect my personality?
Well I looked up on the internet, to see what the colours mean, and this is what it says

BLUE – You want a serene world and a calm life and you want your affairs to be orderly and neat. An introvert, you are deliberate, introspective, but perhaps not too intellectual. Steady and a hard worker, you will probably be successful and make a lot of money.

I think most of this sounds like me.. although I would love it if I made a lot of money.
I do think of myself as an introvert.. and really..all I want is a calm life, but that could
be said of most people, I would imagine.

This is what it says about Purple

PURPLE – Two types of people like purple. The first is sensitive, with deep insight, temperamental and creative with meaningful things to do and passionate devotion to them. The second type admires artists, mystics and unique people. This type feels there should be gentility, courtesy and affection everywhere, and no war, disease or poverty.

I am definitely a mix of both types of purple.
I am probably tooooo sensitive... to a fault, actually

I also believe in gentility and affection... so, I would have to say yes, in some ways these
colours reflect my personality...

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