Monday, February 10, 2014


Looking back on my life ( so far ) its great to have memories... memories are what
make us happy, sad.. nostalgic at times... they can also show me, just how far I've come, and just where I want to go.
I was born in Dundee... lived in Greenock for a couple of years, and then grew up in Port Glasgow.
My first love was there... I was young, but... I remember a lot of those times as if it was yesterday.
Even now, I can remember how I felt.
If my grandchildren ever read this Blog... maybe they would find it weird to ever think
of their Grams as having been young enough to be in love way back when..... I wont say more.. :)

When I was 17, I started going to a church that my parents didn't agree with..that time
in my life was hard.. difficult.  My stepmum told my dad that either I left, or she was going to..
I still don't understand the reasoning, but I left.
I stayed with my friend Jean, who lived on the same street as me.  I remember my dad walking by one day.. he stopped and just stared... I could feel he wanted to talk to me, but I was young and stupid.. I just walked into my friend's house.  I also stayed at my friend Helen's house... I
still remember her address.. 70 North Road..
Her mum was always so good to me, I am forever appreciative for being able to stay at both of my friend's homes..
When I turned 18, I left Scotland for England, to a place called Edgeware.
I was a Nanny there.
Some more of my happiest memories were there.
My friend Rosina also went, and also Lisa and Agnes.  I always felt taken care of there..
Lisa and Agnes were wonderful.
Rosina and I , I remember got lost in a not so nice part of London... when we told Agnes, she
explained why we should never go there again... thank goodness everything turned
out okay.  hehe    There was a great young adult group there, so we went to many
activities.   I loved it there... that is also where I fell in love a second time, but didn't
say to anyone.. you know.. young love.
I was so shy.. I also wont say more...
Life carried on, and after 2 years of living in England, I left for Canada, also as a Nanny.
It was in January 1976.. I was scared, young, but excited to see what life had to offer me here.
I could say, the rest is history... which of course it is  :)  but I want to to fill in all
the history parts another day...

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