Monday, February 24, 2014

Pocket Money

Did you get money as a kid.... I know I did, but I cant for the life of me
remember how often.  I don't think it was every week.

I don't even remember exactly how much, but it was either thruppence
or sixpence.
I usually helped with dishes, make my bed.. I had to clean the surroundings etc
to earn my pocket money.
With my money, I would buy The Beano or Diana

and also The Bunty
and maybe an ice lolly
or some sweets

Of course, not as many as are in this picture. haha

I remember when I lived in Kelburn, and would be walking to my Primary School
( Clune Park was the name )  there was a wee store.. just a little convenience store,
and at the time buying an oxo cube to sook on was the " in " thing... and yes
I did it to.  Thinking back, I think YUCK... but at the time, I loved it.
So I also used to buy that with some of my pocket money.. :)
My growing up years, although simple... were also fairly happy.
I just wish my memory was better...

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