Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Book of Me... Written by You... Prompt 27

  • Did you have a car in your family whilst you were growing up?
  • What methods of transport were there? And what did you & your family typically use?
  • Your Driving Test
  • Where Did you learn? - Can you drive?
  • Your first car?
  • Your Favourite Car?
  • Do you name your cars?
  • Can you remember the registration details? And perhaps explain what the registration means.
Well, this will be very short..

We didn't have a car in our family growing up, and actually I don't know
anyone that did.
To get around we usually took the bus or the train... I mostly walked everywhere.
I did take the bus into town, or to go to church , because it was too far to walk.
But I usually walked to friend's homes..

I don't drive.. even now...  I wish I had've tried when I was younger.. but I didn't.
I should have.  I did start to take driving lessons when my boys were young,
but the instructor was such a jerk to me that I never finished.
Now.... I'm too old :(

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