Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bucket List....

I have a Bucket list.....  I want my posterity to know as many things as
possible about me.. so that's why I'm putting this on my blog..
I'm a bit of a dreamer, so I have some things on there like

I would also like to see the sunset from the Eiffel Tower...

Some other things on there are...

Visit Oban ( in Scotland ) again
Spend the night in an Aquarium
See the Grand Canyon
Visit the rain room in London ( I love rain )
See the Northern Lights

I also have simple things on there like

Fly a Kite
Visit Disneyland and go on a hot air balloon ride

I want to stargaze, birdwatch and hug Jay Osmond... :)

I would also love to visit Alaska
Be in New York City for New Years Eve
Try a Zipline
Be in a Marathon.. even just walk it...

I'm also going to write a letter to myself that I can open in 10 years..

I have other things on my list as well, but don't want to bore you too much..
I just hope that..........

I know that we are all so different... some things I want to do , is not something
someone else would be interested in..
How cool would it be if some of my posterity were a lot like me??? !!
Had similar dreams and asperations.... I can but dream ....

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