Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You..... Prompt 30

This week's prompt is - Your First day of School
  • Do you remember the day?
    • The weather 
    • What you wore 
    • How you got there
    • Who took you to school
  • Where was the School
  • Any stories?
    • Friends
    • Teachers
  • How old were you?
  • Were you perhaps home schooled or taught in a different way to the usual traditional methods - such as were you in a remote area and lessons conducted using the phone etc
  • Do you have any other memories or thoughts of your first day of school?
    • Or perhaps ask a sibling, parent, child etc
I don't remember my first day of school at all... but I do remember my first
Primary School..
When my parents were divorced, and we  ( my siblings and I ) moved with my dad
back to Greenock... the first school I went to was Belville Street Primary.
I used to walk down the hill from my Grans, and cross the street to get here.
I dont have a lot of memories, as I left when I was around 7 years old.
That is when my Father re-married. He married Bridget Keyes.
When he got married again, I went to another Primary school
called Clune Park Primary..
 This school is in Port Glasgow ..

I don't have any pictures of me in my first days here, but I do have
a couple of class pictures... which years they are, I'm not sure.

 In this first picture, I am in the second row and the 4th one in from the left.

In this one, I'm also the second row, but the 3rd from the right..
The school uniform we wore, was a white shirt, grey pleated skirt, a
Maroon blazer and a Maroon, yellow and grey tie ( I think )

I usually walked to school... it was quite the walk I remember.
I lived on Kelburn Terrace  at that time.
When the weather was bad  ( it rained a lot ). I would be soaked, but what
good times .. walking with friends... talking, skipping, running all
the way there.

The only teacher I remember from there was Mr Bannister... I'm hoping
it was from this school... and I think he was the teacher from my
last year there.
He was tall and had dark hair..
I'm sorry that I don't remember a lot... I will write more here if I do...
I do remember being happy... I met my friend Jean here, and we are
still friends today.  We may not keep in touch as often , but when we talk, its just like it was yesterday...

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