Saturday, January 25, 2014

When my parents broke up... I was around 5 years old.
I don't remember seeing my mum after that, although I have a photo
that was taken in Greenock... I'll have to find it.. so I know I did.  I think she came by
to see me before she left for either England or South Africa..

I also have one of my dad and I the same day

My mother was beautiful....
I've been told that I look like her, although I really think my sister does.
My dad died in 1988, and it was after that time I decided to try and find my mum.
All I had was my birth certificate, so I knew her full name.
I found the name of the local newspaper in Dundee , and wrote to them.
I sent an address that my grandparents stayed at etc... I
wanted to give as much info as possible...which wasn't a lot.
A couple of months went by, and to be quite honest, I figured that it wasn't
going to happen, so didn't think about it anymore.
One Sunday while getting the family ready for church, the phone rang...
On the other end was someone who lives in Ontario, Canada... and
he asked me if I was Nora... I said I was... he then proceeded
to tell me that he was my Mum's cousin, and that he just got back from
a holiday in Scotland.... he hadn't even took his coat off yet.
He told me that he picked up the newspaper and started reading it,
and then something popped out at him.... he started reading
what I had wrote to the paper.
What makes this so interesting is... it took months for them to put
it in... why not before ?
And.... he was the only person in the family that saw it????
He just happened to be there on holiday at that time.
He then asked a family member where my mum was... an aunt that my
mum was close to had just passed away, and they went through her things and
found an address in South Africa.
And as soon as he got back, he called directory, got my number and
phoned me.... I was shocked to say the least.
I then called 411 to see if I could get a phone number...which I did.
I wanted to call, but honestly, I was scared..
What if she has another family, other children, what if she
wants nothing to do with me...what if..........
I decided not to call, and went to get ready... when I hear my husband on the phone..
I heard him mention my mum's name, and my heart started racing.
I started waving my hands at him, telling him no, no, but he just smiled..
My sister Anne was the one who answered the phone, it was in the wee hours of
the morning, she asked who was calling...he just told her Ken from Canada.
A very sleepy voice then came on the phone, and Ken asked if her name
was Patricia McCulloch ( her maiden name )
She said yes... he then asked her if she had a daughter called Nora..
My mum hesitated ( I'm sure stunned ) and she also said yes.
Ken then said ..Well then, Hi... I'm her husband Ken...
That's my Ken... hehe
He put me on the phone ...
I wont get into the whole conversation...
I'm thankful that I found my mum..... because I did this I have found
my family on that side...thankful doesn't quite cut it...more
than thankful.
I found out I had 3 other sisters and 1 other brother... instead
of being the oldest of 3... I am the oldest of 7...I love it.
I have more to add... but I'll do that later...
Thankful for family  x

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