Sunday, January 19, 2014

I want to talk about something that is so
close to my heart. When my father was born
his twin died... about 1 week later his mother died.
He talked to me sometimes about his mother.. but of
course I did'nt really pay attention.. sad really.

Since working on my family tree, I have become
interested in this grandmother I never knew.
I always wanted to see a picture of her, but always
came to a dead end.. I kind of gave up... although deep
down always hoped.

My father's sister just passed away not long ago,
she was in her 90's... she was the last of this generation.
It was sad for me
Anyway...  I recieved
a package... it was from my cousin's wife.
My aunt who died was his mother.
When I opened it up there were old pictures
in it... and in amongst those pictures was this
picture you see up top.
It is my Father's mother... I cried.
I dont know why I feel such a closeness to her.
My one cousin resembles her quite a bit.
I wanted to include this in my Family History... I am thankful
for families... for my family... for this grandmother
who even though I never met her... I love ...

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