Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Book of Me... Written by You... Prompt 69

This week's prompt is - What is your most treasured possession?

  • This could be something that you have bought from an inheritance
  • A gift from a family member
  • An item that you have been left by a friend or family member
  • How do you plan to secure it's survival with future generations?
My most treasured possession... can I really pick one...

Of course Family.. and friends,, are they really possessions though.. they are
an important part of my life...

I had a ring that was a Redpath family inheritance, but I have already passed
that on..

My photo's and my Genealogy for sure are important... very important to me.
At this point I'm not sure what I'll do with it.
I'm hoping that one of my boys will be interested in having it .. I would hate
to think of it getting put in the garbage once I'm gone.
Hmmm... I should think about that now and  take some action...

Something else I have... I have an accordion file folder box thingy, and in it
I have cards , letters etc from students that we have had.
Sometimes, if I have felt down or unloved, I have took that folder out,
and will pick any card or letter from it...sometimes more than one,
and I read them.  I think of the student that wrote it, and read the beautiful
things they wrote and I feel loved.... even when I had felt unloveable.
 I don't think there is any way to preserve them... they only mean
something to me, and not to anyone else....
I cant really close the folder well anymore... excuse the mess it looks..

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