Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Book of Me... Written by You... Prompt 64

This week's prompt is - Jobs and Careers

  • Did you have a Saturday job, holiday job?
    • Where was it?
    • What did you do?
    • Can you recall who you worked for and with?
    • What was the biggest / most important thing you learnt here?
    • Did it inspire your future?
    • Do you have any pictures / photos / clippings?
  • Did you have full / part time job?
    • Job or career
      • Does it not matter?
      • Is it the same?
    • Did you enjoy what you did? - Why?
    • Was it a passion or a means to an end?
    • Who did you work with?
    • Did you have work place reviews?
      • Did they fit with your personal plan?
      • Did you have a career / employment work plan?
    • Did you stay at home?
      • Or did you really want to?
    • Did you have employment hopes and dreams
      • Regrets
I did not have a Saturday job... a holiday job.. not really, although
one Summer I worked at Butlins holiday camp.
I worked at a place called Minehead Butlins. I was between Nanny jobs
when I lived in England, and so did that. 
I can't remember the title of the job, but parents would get their children asleep
and then would go for a night out to enjoy themselves... they would leave their name, and I ( and other girls )would walk around outside the rooms listening for any children crying.
It wasn't a great job, and I didn't work directly with kids, and to be honest,
I was glad when I was done.

When I first left school, I worked at a place called Wovenair.. I actually
liked it. The people were good to work with. I remember music playing through
the speakers and singing away while working.... lots of people did that.

I left there to go to England as a nanny, I then came to Canada doing the same thing.

Almost our whole married life I have had a dayhome..looking after children in our home.
I am still doing it now..and have just started taking care of babies again.

I definitely feel my time as a nanny has helped me to do this.... children
is all I know.

I did have other hopes and dreams... I had wanted to be a nurse, to take
care of people, but in a way that is what I do...
I don't have any regrets...
I can feel myself slowing down, and wondering how much longer I will
continue to do this.. I have a timeline in mind, but I know it could be
sooner... maybe later.. who knows.
I'd like to think that maybe... just maybe... I made a difference in
their wee lives.  I love seeing some of the kids I used to have on Facebook..
they are all grown up. Some are starting families of their own.. some have travelled,
most are just getting on with their life...all are as lovely now, as they were then.
I feel blessed..lucky in so many ways to have had them.
I guess my career isn't as grand as most people, but honestly, it has made
me happy... and that's what really matters

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