Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Book of Me... Written by You... Prompt 66

This week's prompt is - What do you treasure?

This week I am leaving the prompt wide open.
  • You choose on what you treasure, the things, the people, 
  • The things that are not seen, 
  • The things that are seen yet not obviously treated as a treasure.
It seems so easy to leave the prompt wide open, just for us to decide, but
for some reason its harder for me.  So much is going through my mind..its hard
to concentrate+... so here goes, and I apologise in advance if its
all jumbled up. :)

Some treasures that I have in my home are photo's... Photo's on my walls of my children
and also grandchildren.  There are in some in frames on a desk we have.. they are my treasures.
The other photos I treasure are old photos... pictures of my dad when he was wee..
a photo of my mum and dad.. photo's of grandparents... I yearn for more of these old photo's..
to put a face to a name, has to be the most wonderful feeling.

I treasure the relationships I have... of course, the one I have with my husband is
the most important one.
The relationship that I have with my children..... some are better than others, but
I treasure them all
I love all my grandchildren, but I do have a treasured relationship
with one especially..
This one grandchild has been so supportive of me..what I mean
is , she has listened to me cry, or whine, and sometimes
gave advice.. most times just listened.
I treasure her advice.. I treasure her

I treasure the beautiful sky... tonight I took these pics of the moon

I treasure when get some time ..
Usually, I just seem to run in a million directions, but
when I get some time just relax, or just have a hot
shower... its wonderful
I treasure my Genealogy...its so important to me..
Some more things I treasure is
: snow filled days
:Sunny skies
:beautiful sunsets
: Christmas
:A Heavenly Father who loves Me... despite me
:my camera, so I can capture the things that make me happy
: I treasure friends that have been by my side
I treasure these prompts, and the work that goes into
preparing them each week
I treasure the times I can sit in a dark room with just
Christmas lights on, and just think


  1. Replies
    1. Nora, I can especially relate to the memories of those who have passed and our family bonds as our most cherished treasures. Love reading your post and am touched by your thoughts.

    2. Oh.. thank you so much for your comment... made me feel good x