Saturday, December 6, 2014


As I am sat in the quiet of my living room... I am thinking about how fast time goes.
I remember when I was a young Mother, and was told... time goes by so fast, and
my face was smiling, but in my head I was thinking.. yeah, yeah !!
I got pregnant a year after we were married, I was so ill, but so happy..I
had wanted to be a Mother so badly, and now I was going to be.
When Ryan was born, I felt inadequate.. but so excited to have him.
He has come with challenges, but who doesn't, in some way or another.

Robin came along when Ryan was 18 months... she was the big sister...she's
10 years older.
Its true what they say..she was literally from my girl..the only
one we would be blessed to have. 
It was tough being a Mother at times to an almost teenager and a toddler.
When we got Robin, I also found out I was pregnant with Paul.

Life became busy...and people said...enjoy it all..time goes by so fast.
There were fingerprints on walls, that would reappear 5 minutes
after being cleaned, there were toys that I would step on in the dark
that were supposed to be cleaned up.. and there were cute hugs, and
I love you's, and " you're the best mommy ever "

And there was another baby boy that came...David..named after my Grandfather.
And life got busier ...and there were days that I wondered if I could
make it through the day.. there were sleepless nights, there were worries about
my teenager girl, and people said enjoy it goes by so fast, and
sometimes I wondered ..

In between there were 5 other pregnancies... babies I lost... but I know
not forever.
And there was love... lots n' lots of love... I love these children of mine.

And time went on... and they grew up... and so did I
I miss the fingerprints..I miss the toys left out...
As I sit here remembering...I realise... time goes by so fast, too fast
And things change... and I wish they were young again..

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