Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Book of Me...... Written by You.... Prompt 35

Did you have Aunts and Uncles?
Did you know any of your Great Aunts and Uncles?
Did you have people that you called Aunt and Uncle, yet there was no blood connection at all?

In fact, does that even matter?
So this week, tell us about those people whose names appear within our family history and perhaps you even had a favourite or two?

Yes I had Aunts and Uncles... I didn't know the ones on my Mum's side until much
later, but I did know most from my Dad's side...

My uncle George and Aunt Cathy
I am thankful for them... they took my brother and sister in, helping my dad
out at that time... my sister ending up staying, but when my dad remarried, my
brother came and lived with my dad, step mum and I.
My Uncle Andrew and Aunt Margaret

I didn't really know them, although when I was real little, I had gone down
to see them.  They lived in Edinburgh.  I later found my Aunt, and was
able to communicate with her again... my uncle had already passed away
at that time.

My Uncle David and Aunt Agnes

I don't have a picture of my aunt Agnes..

When my dad moved back to Greenock with my brother, sister and I, my
dad and I stayed at my grandparents, at that time my uncle David also
lived there... he wasn't married, in fact, he didn't marry until much later.
My aunt Agnes I don't really know, but I wish I did.
My Uncle David was lovely.. he was good to me when I stayed at my
grandparents.. I find myself wishing that I had've thanked him.

My Aunt Helen and Uncle Jimmy

I loved them..  I used to visit often with my Gran.
I remember my uncle Jimmy as always smiling or joking, and my
aunt Helen was just lovely. My dad always told me that he thought I looked like my aunt Helen,
but actually I really think I resemble my Mum. :)

My uncle Willie and Aunt Agnes
I don't have any pictures of my aunt Agnes
I also didn't know them too well...  what I do remember was I liked them..
Its funny how I can remember certain feelings, but not always events
My Aunt Lily and uncle Jim
I cant find a picture of my aunt Lily
I don't remember a lot about them either.... I wish I started doing my life history
earlier... maybe my memory would be a lot better... :)

My Mum's side is a bit more complicated... actually, a lot more.
I didn't know them at all until I was older, and even then not really knew them.
What I did know I loved though.

My Uncle Gordon and Aunt Doris

LOVELY !!  They were so good to me, I can never thank them enough.
They showed me around Brisbane etc, and I was so happy to meet them.
I heard stories about my grandparents because of them, and also
copied some pictures... things I would never have for my family history, so
I am more than thankful to them.

My Uncle Ally
I didn't meet him, but he was so good at writing and keeping in touch.
He always wrote and told me what was going on in his life.

Uncle James and Aunt Helen
They were also so good to me when I visited them for the first time.
My aunt has a heart of gold, and my uncle.. I remember they all teased him
about being grumpy... but he is a lovely man.. :)

Uncle Tom and Aunt Mary
My uncle died in Australia... a motorbike accident, I think...
My aunt is still there... I don't have any photo's of them.. I wish I did
As far as great aunts and uncles is a picture of my
some of my grandfather's brother's and sister's.

At the back from left to right is George and Fred, and in the front there is
Jean and Mary.  I was in touch with 3 out of the 4,  George really had an
interesting life, and he really loved to travel.  He was a spitfire pilot in the
war.  He was awarded the DCM medal for which he was really proud.
Fred was involved big time with boy scouts... was in the different plays etc
that they did, or he helped organise them... here is another picture of
him with his uniform

Mary lived in Dumfries, and always wrote the most newsy letters.. I sure am
thankful and also feel lucky to have been able to be in contact with them.

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