Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You... Prompt 37

This week's prompt is -Feeding the Ducks (Animals)

Think back to your childhood. Did you feed the ducks?
Do you remember the excitement of the event?
Were you scared of the ducks?
Who were you with?
Do you perhaps still feed the ducks?

Of course you substitute the ducks for farm animals or pets

Oh dear.... Don't remember ever feeding ducks growing up... never went
to a farm either... I have fed pigeons , or doos as we call them in Scotland,
have even fed seagulls.. hehe
Maybe I did feed ducks, but I just don't remember.. :)
I love animals though, but unfortunately, never had any growing up ... I think my
step mum didn't really care for them, at least not in the house,  so no animals
for us..

Since I've been married, we have had a LOT of animals..  birds, gerbils, hampsters,
cats, dogs and even a rabbit. ( not all at the same time ) it was good for our kids
My favourites.. we had a black cat called Midnight... such a beautiful cat.
We also had a dog... a beautiful Tri coloured Collie who was called Heidi.
She was a show dog, and she was absolutely loved.

We had a Westie called AJ ( Angus Jock )  :)
When AJ died, we said no more... we get so attached.
We went on holiday to Britain, and when we came back, our daughter
who was a resident manager at the time had someone moving into their complex.
There were no animals allowed, and she had a Bichon / Shih Tsu cross that
she couldn't bring with her.  my daughter asked us to go and have a look, so
we did... what bad shape the dog was in.. his fur was matted...but he was
so, so so friendly... we took him.
The next day we took him to the groomers and explained the situation...
when we went to pick him up, we knew how lucky we were.
His name was Kernal, and he was lovely. 
He died 2 years ago, and were devastated... he was 14.

When we first got Kernal, we went on a field trip with the children I take
care of, we went to the Pound... and there in one of the enclosures was a scared
wee dog.  She was an American Eskimo / Spaniel cross...
We put our name on a list to get her, never thinking that we would , because there
were so many names before ours... what a surprise when they called us a few
days later... everyone else had declined.. lucky us..
We had Besse until a week before Christmas last year... she was 16.
Besse and Kernal grew up together... we had them a long time, and
loved them... they were part of our family.
We wont get any more animals now...
We don't want to take care of any others..
I didn't feed ducks or farm animals etc when I was wee... I didn't
even own a pet... but as an Adult, my life was full of love
for the ones we had.

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