Sunday, May 4, 2014

First Sunday in May

When I was just a wee girl in Scotland.. the first Sunday in May was special...
We all got new clothes.
My Gran bought me a new sticky out dress, a coat, or a nice cardigan, a hat with the
elastic that went under my chin, and was uncomfortable..  hehe  ,white gloves and
white or black patent shoes.
I had actually forgotten about this, but my friend's talented husband wrote a poem
Here it is...
When I read it, it brought back loads of memories..
And of course, today is the first Sunday in May as well...
Its funny the things that spark of your memory... but its good :)
I always had a ribbon in my hair as well, but usually lost it ...
I'm sure I have a photo, but will have to find it
Happy First Sunday in May...

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