Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You.... Prompt 39

This week read the prompt and record what you immediately thought of.

This week's prompt is - Do you have a safe place?

  • This can be somewhere that you gravitate to, to make decisions or reflect
  • Somewhere you go to think
  • Somewhere you go to take time out
  • Somewhere you keep things you must not loose
    • or do you have more than one safe place?
Having looked at the prompt hints have you changed that immediate thought?

My immediate thought was, my home ..... this is my safe place...
Its where I can be myself... its where I feel loved...where I can relax.

But now having more time to think, and also seeing the
other questions,   I would still say my home, but also
our church has a Temple, and there is nothing better than to go there and
sit in the quiet and just....... think...
Unfortunately I don't drive, so getting there can be a problem for me.

We have a school park very close to my house... one time I needed a time out,
and I went there.  There was no-one around and it was absolutely pouring with rain,
but I went anyway and sat on one of the benches... I got soaked to the skin, but
it was a time I needed a good cry, no-one could tell that I was crying, since
I was drenched anyway, and at that time, it was like everything I was feeling got
washed away... I love rain...

 In my home, my place to go, is my bedroom... I can put things there I don't want
to lose. I can lay on the bed and think etc.......

I think being in nature helps me to get things in the right perspective again.
So , going to the mountains is good for me.
Just going for a walk, can help me think, and can be therapeutic for me....

I get distracted easily, so I need to be somewhere where it is
semi quiet... not always easy....

I'm not sure if I'm doing this right.... but these are my feelings on it. :)



  1. Whatever answers are right for you are right! I'm still thinking about this one.

    1. Thanks... good luck with yours :)