Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Book of Me.... Written by You... Prompt 36

This week's prompt is - Your Year
This week the prompt is in two parts:
Think back over your life. Which year was “your year” in terms of happy, special and treasured events?
Think back over your life. Which year was absolutely not “your year”
Thing in terms of health, wealth, happiness or a degree of sadness, back luck and years when you simply wish you could go back and relive or redo something.

My year... Hmmm... maybe years ??  I think we all have different years where there's
so many happy moments..
For example.... the year I went to Oban...I can't remember how old I was, but I remember
how beautiful it was, and it has stayed with me till this day..

But even happier than that was when I went to England to work... 1974
A lot of my happiest moments were there.
It was my first time being away from home, so I was scared, I was only 18, but
I had good friends there, some I already knew, but some I made.
 The lady in the centre was Sis Hine... we went to help her with her house... even
though it was hard work, to this day, I still remember the fun that we had. I'm
in the back with my hand over Daniel's head

We all went to Trafalger Square... 
Such fun and happy times... there are others that for some reason I don't have
in my pictures, but I wish I did, but they are in my memories  :) also
in my heart... forever..
Of course there are other very happy years... the birth of each of my children, or when
we adopted my daughter who was a teenager at that time... but for some reason
when I think happy, I think Wembley... I reminisce, and wish I could re live that time.

The ( unhappy ) years... Hmmm...  1977 is one... its when I found out something
that I don't personally want to share...  another is 1988
My Father died... it took me awhile to get over..
1993... the day my brother and his daughter died.. also very hard..
There are other instances that I also wont share.

But actually, I feel like I've had a happy life so far... its better to dwell on the
good times... bad times ( years ) make you appreciate the good ones even more. :)


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